When you arrive in the UK

There is a lot to think about when you arrive in the UK so we have tried to highlight some of the things you need to consider. Some of the documents below are essential reading for the first few days and others can be referred to later on when you have settled into student life.

For further information and for anything not covered here you may find answers at www.educationuk.org/A-UK-education.

Essential Reading & Initial Tasks

Once you have enrolled please remember to obtain a 'student status' letter from international admissions (L67) which you will need for some of these activities. You may need to allow 24hrs for collection at busy times of the year.

Protect your Student Visa status - UKCISA information and advice
Register with the Police (if required - check your visa!)
Open a UK Bank Account - guidance written by BBA

The British Council has produced the following publication which is designed to help international students prepare for their stay in the UK and gives practical advice about living and studying in the UK. It highlights some of the safety and security issues international students need to be aware of and lists organisations to contact if you need help.

Creating confidence - making sure that your time in the UK is safe and enjoyable

Working During Your Studies

Most students in the UK have immigration permission which allows them to work during their studies.

As an international student at Writtle University College you can work up to 20 hours a week in term-time if you are studying at degree level or above or 10 hours per week during term time if you are studying below degree level. Getting a job while you study in the UK can improve your language skills and enhance your CV. Writtle University College careers service may be able to assist you so please do visit them in the Student Services Area in the main building.

UKCISA Guidance - working during your studies
Applying for a National Insurance Number if you intend to work


As well as the rewards and pleasures associated with studying in the UK, there are particular demands and challenges that face young people, especially those coming to the UK for the first time. Writtle University College recognises this and takes the welfare of its students very seriously. Much of the support offered at Writtle University College can be accessed via the Safeguarding and Wellbeing office in the main building. Here you can speak in confidence to our dedicated and experienced Welfare Adviser (International). You may also find these documents helpful in the early stages of your time in the UK:

Quick tips to staying safe...
Facing culture shock - UKCISA
Safty First - Making sure your visit to the UK is safe and enjoyable