Apprenticeships Job Vacancies

In order to begin an Apprenticeship you must be employed within your chosen industry. Many of our Apprentices source their own employment through starting work as a volunteer or applying for jobs directly with a company. However, Writtle University College is also approached by employers wishing to employ potential apprentice and these job vacancies are advertised below.

Current Vacancies

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have any job vacancies available. However, we regularly add vacancies so please come back and look again soon.

Employment Tips

  • Take your CV into an employer in person rather than just emailing or posting out - this demonstrates confidence and gives the opportunity for you to gauge the real opportunity available and for them to see how keen you are.  Feel free to give them one of our employer brochures downloadable from our website. Here they can find out more about employing apprentices and any funding support and or incentives available to them, as they may not have had an apprentice and therefore be unaware of the benefits.
  • Tailor any applications that you make, ensuring you mention any skills you have from school or previous experiences that relate to the role.  Actual work experience is ideal but if you have done gardening, pet sitting or cared for your own pets, dog walking, horse riding, remember to mention this.
  • Employers get inundated with employment requests, so stand out! Maybe offer to do some trial days so you can demonstrate your commitment, drive, punctuality and reliability?