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Adult Learners

Our unique and diverse portfolio of courses is extremely attractive to adult learners and opens up the door to new career opportunities.

Adult learners who study with us at Writtle have the flexibility to study on either a full-time or part-time basis and we have a wide range of suitable courses depending on your needs. These range from one-off weekend short courses to develop a hobby, one-year or two-year courses for those looking for an opportunity to re-train, through to degree and postgraduate qualifications for people looking to further enhance existing knowledge of their chosen industry, as well as continued professional development (CPD).

Our friendly campus provides a very personal approach to learning and one where every student feels valued and part of a community. We also have an extremely supportive Learner Services department for those looking for additional support whilst studying.

There are also opportunities to receive funding towards your studies through scholarships, bursaries and loans. We aim to support and encourage mature students when considering to study with us at Writtle. For a full list of available funding options visit our Fees and Finance page or get in touch with our finance team.

Make A Change - Adult Learners Video