Student Profile

Photograph of James Oxley

James Oxley

Graduated: Masters by Dissertation Applied Biology
Nationality: British
Occupation: Research Officer

Why did you choose to study at Writtle University College?
I chose to study at Writtle for a number of reasons, including the extensive range of animal related courses and broad topics which helped me find the area that I was most interested in. This area was Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Also, doing my college courses in animal care helped me to decide to do a BSc (Hons) in Animal Management. My Degree provided me with the skills and inspired me to pursue a research path which led to my Master by Research. As a result I have continued into a career of research specifically related to animals both in my full time job and in my spare time.

What does Writtle University College mean to you?
Writtle is a great place to study; the location, quality of teaching, staff and environment are all perfect for learning. In addition a range of facilities at the college enabled me to carry out in depth study and research.

What did you particularly enjoy about your course?
I really enjoyed carrying out my Masters by Research because it was independent study which I could choose what to research and when. I was lucky enough to get funding through Writtle College and the Alice Noakes Memorial Trust. I was also able to approach my supervisors if I had any problems or needed advice. My course resulted in a publication in a peer reviewed journal and also a poster presentation at an international conference. Furthermore, as a result of my research, I have also been invited to give a number of presentations.

My Current Job
I am currently a Research Officer at The Kennel Club; prior to this position I was a Licensing Specialist at The Kennel Club.

My qualifications have undoubtedly helped me to get involved in my current position.

I have previously worked in a dog kennels as a part time kennel assistant during my college and university courses.

In my spare time I conduct independent research relating to animal behaviour, welfare and human-animal interactions. I currently volunteer for London Zoo in my spare time.