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Landscape & Garden Design Programmes
Landscape & Garden Design Programmes
Contemporary Art & Design Programme
Contemporary Art & Design Programme
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Writtle College is unique among land-based colleges in establishing its own School of Design.

WSD Students are immersed in the contemporary art and design culture where there are opportunities to develop a means to see, to understand and to shape a complex multifaceted world.

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The desire to shape our surroundings and create usable and beautiful objects and systems has always existed. At every stage of history, people have used the materials and techniques at their disposal to enhance their surroundings reflecting cultural, technological and increasingly sustainable needs. Throughout the courses at WSD there is an emphasis on the understanding and applications of these issues. This learning can be applied to many diverse fields in design and the arts, including social, public, commercial and domestic contexts, retail and exhibition, spatial design, theatre, film or set design and virtual design.

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The growing public interest in all areas of art and design has created more employment possibilities for those with appropriate design skills, abilities and qualifications. Within these sectors there is a demand for highly creative graduates with conceptual, managerial, technical, administrative and project management skills to initiate or co-ordinate projects from conception to completion. Our courses are designed to provide students with an in depth applied understanding of professional practice and commercial awareness to complement their creative abilities and training.

WSD graduates have a proven track record in securing challenging and demanding positions within private companies and public organisations. Many students have also successfully set up their own businesses.

WSD staff have a strong academic, professional and industrial-based research profile,many with thriving practices, that inform studio and curriculum developments.