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Business Management and Leadership



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Business Management and Leadership

Good business management and leadership are at the heart of every successful organisation. Whether you aspire to work for a global corporation, to join a small-medium enterprise or to run your own business, you'll benefit from a programme that marries academic theory to reality and allows the flexibility to shape your own learning.

Why you should study Business Management and Leadership at WUC...

  1. You'll develop an understanding of the current business environment and the ability to predict future trends in the market.

  2. You'll learn the main principles of 21st century business - entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation.

  3. Expert speakers and visits will give you real-world insight and help you to keep pace with current business trends and issues.

  4. You'll go on work placements to develop your business skills applying complex problem-solving, team-working, leadership and strategic development in real-life scenarios.

  5. You'll be able to specialise in your business interest and passion, drawing on our award-winning teams and excellent facilities.