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Writtle University College is one of the leading land-based institutions in the UK. Our agriculture degrees provide our students with the required theory and practical skills necessary for a successful career within the agricultural industry.

On campus we have a number of specialist resources which our agriculture students utilise as part of their course. Our 220 hectare estate, on-campus farm and scientific laboratories are all used to enhance the student experience and to ensure the knowledge gained in lectures is put into practice in 'real-life' situations.

Our highly qualified academic staff are very supportive towards our students and have a wealth of industry experience. Many of our teaching staff are carrying out current and relevant research within their specialist fields.

The agricultural industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. As well as producing food for the UK and for export, farmers are increasingly becoming more environmentally aware. "Organic", "tracability", "food miles" and "local" are the buzz word for food production today. Worldwide populations are increasing and economies are booming producing an increasing demand for top quality food, produced by sustainable methods. Agriculture is also expected to produce biomass and biofuel to help reduce CO2 emissions and global warming.

Dedicated and skilled professionals are needed to grow crops, look after animals and to manage production, processing and distribution to the point of sale. The individuals who will be responsible for future changes and developments in British agricultural practice will be graduates with a sound understanding of the industry as well as technical and practical expertise. The agricultural industry is relying on a work force that is getting older, but has many good opportunities, it is urgently in need of new recruits both from the traditional recruitment areas within the industry but also perhaps more importantly from new entrants recruited from non-traditional areas outside agriculture who will bring a fresh new impetus to the agricultural and ancillary industries.

After completing their agriculture degree here at Writtle many of our students will work within the industry in a variety of jobs such as Farm Managers and Agricultural Consultants. Others will progress onto one of our specialist postgraduate courses such as Arable Crop Management, Urban Agriculture or Postharvest Technology.

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