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Students' Union

The Students' Union are here to help each and every student that studies at Writtle University College, to make the most of your time here and hopefully improve your student experience. We are an extremely enthusiastic group of volunteers and part time members of staff, who get involved with everything around college and above all else looking after your interests.

  • There are on average 12 Students' Union committee members, comprising of four executive officers and approximately seven supporting officers.
  • Elections for the new Students' Union members are held in the early part of semester B (approximately March time). The new members take up their roles in September after a period of shadowing the current officers in post.

Meet your Students' Union

Students' Union President

Joe Howe
3rd Year BSc (Hons) Agriculture

The Students' Union (SU) is elected by the students of Writtle University College to represent you during your time here. As the President of the SU I am here to organise the unions passionate group of voluntary members, while myself working on improving your individual and group experiences at College. Every student who studies at Writtle University College is automatically inducted into the SU, so we aim to create a long lasting positive contribution to your lives while you're here with us. As we move through the year you will hear more about our campaigns, how you can become apart of them and get involved with any ideas of your own.

We have a great team of students and staff in our office who are here to help you, so please don't be shy to pop down to the SU office at any time and have a chat or say hello. However long your length of time at Writtle University College it will become a huge part of your life, best of luck from the whole of the SU.

Students' Union Academic Sabbatical Officer (SUASO)

Lorne Knights
Previous Student: BSc (Hons) Landscape and Garden Design

As Academic Sabbatical Officer for the Students' Union my primary role is to ensure that all students are represented on all academic issues, involved in decisions and are present at relevant meetings. I myself will sit on boards and committees throughout the College in order to do my job to the best of my ability. As the Academic Sabbatical Officer I am here to represent both Further Education and Higher Education students in any issues they may have. Should a student need assistance or advice on an academic issue, I am here to provide support and guidance through anything that may arise.

Anyone who is struggling or who might like extra support on a subject, maybe essay writing techniques, can receive help from the peer to peer mentoring scheme which I provide. I am also the first point of contact for the 50+ HE course representatives, from various disciplines, providing them with training, advice and support for their meetings throughout the year ahead. If you would like to find out more about becoming a course rep, who your course reps are, any academic issues or any other questions regarding student life then please don't be shy, come into the SU office and see me. I am in the SU office four days a week so you are welcome, and encouraged, to talk to me whenever you would like. I'm always around if you need me, but if you cannot you can always email Julie Driscoll .

Vice President of Involvement

Joshua Mcdowell
1st Year FdSc Performance Cycling

My main role as vice President of Involvement is to increase student participation and involvement in all of the services the College, and us at the Students' Union, have to offer. We have many different sports teams, such as Rugby (men's and women's) or Netball to name a few, which all have league matches regularly. We also offer social and professional societies for students to join which can enhance your time at Writtle University College. If there is a society they wish to start up themselves I can help, alongside our publicity officer, to promote and encourage new student members to join the group. Whatever your interests don't be scared to come into the SU and ask me for help in starting up a society or anything I may be able to help you with.

Vice President Welfare

Thais Montanari
2nd Year BSc (Hons) Horticulture

My main role as vice President of Welfare is to compliment or make complaints on any welfare issues on the student's behalf. If you feel strongly about an issue with your accommodation or the Garden Room Restaurant then please I would like to hear about it. As I have said I also would like to hear about the good experiences and what you are particularly happy with here at Writtle University College. If you have any issues or problems with welfare then please come down to the SU and see me or email me at

Sports Officer

Ed Banthorp
3rd Year Agriculture

My main responsibility as Sports officer in the Students' Union is to create new and interesting sports teams, while developing existing sports, for students to get involved with. Sports teams at Writtle University Collegee are a great tradition which gives students another social avenue to meet new people who may not be on the same course as themselves. I will be continually looking for new sports to incorporate into student life, so if there is a sport we don't yet have or you would like to see at Writtle then please don't hesitate to ask me. With the help of our publicity officer and vice President of Involvement we will help you set up a new sport team or club in no time. If you have any other questions about sport here at Writtle University College then please come and speak to me at the Students' Union office.

Social Officer

Lulu Waring
2nd Year Animal

Our main aim as Social officers for the Students' Union is to provide a wide ranging programme of events for you, the students, to enjoy. Over the years Writtle students have come up with some great ideas for our SU themed nights, ranging from Aloha beach themed with a foam cannon to Army night complete with laser quest. Fresher's week is a great chance to meet everyone at the College and make great new friends. If you have any ideas for themed night or would like any information on our events then please don't hesitate to come and talk to us in the Students' Union office. We look forward to meeting you at our social events.

RAG (Raise and Give) Officer

Georgie White
2nd Year Integrated Masters Veterinary Physiotherapy

As RAG Officer this year I will be putting on different fund raising events throughout the year to raise money for our chosen charities. Every year the Students' Union chooses two charities to raise money for, one local and one national. This year we have chosen the charities - The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and CHESS (a local homeless charity based in Chelmsford). The events which take place range from quizzes and themed nights at the BAA to the famous Writtle University College Moulshams 11. We here at the Students' Union are very proud to still be one of the few SU's who raise money for chosen charities on a regular basis. RAG is a long standing tradition at Writtle University College and I hope you will support us in our fundraising activities throughout the year.

Further Education Academic Officer

Abbie Mills
FE Animal Management

The Further Education (FE) Academic Officer’s primary role is to ensure that all FE students are represented on academic matters and to attend while giving input at the FE council meetings. The FE academic officer attends other meetings with the Academic Sabbatical Officer, such as Academic Board.

Further Education Recreational Officer

Shree Menon
FdSc Animal Management

The Further Education (FE) Recreational Officer’s primary role is to liaise with the Social officers on the SU to promote and put on social events for the FE students. The FE Recreational officer will attend meetings with and work very closely alongside the Social officers on the SU.

Students’ Union Support Officer

Julie Driscoll

The Students' Union Support Officer is a part time position employed by the college to ensure the general day-to-day running of the office is kept up to date and well organised. The SU support officer is also in place to guarantee all the elected officers fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities. Alongside their general responsibilities the SU support officer also provides support to all aspects of student life, stating “there are not many things we that we cannot help with.” In the office we have an open door policy and are always able to help with anything, however small or large it may be.

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