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Students' Union

The Students' Union are here to help each and every student that studies at Writtle University College, to make the most of your time here and hopefully improve your student experience. We are an extremely enthusiastic group of volunteers and part time members of staff, who get involved with everything around college and above all else looking after your interests.

  • There are on average 12 Students' Union committee members, comprising of four executive officers and approximately seven supporting officers.
  • Elections for the new Students' Union members are held in the early part of semester B (approximately March time). The new members take up their roles in September after a period of shadowing the current officers in post.

Meet your Students' Union

Students' Union Academic Sabbatical Officer (SUASO)

Students' Union President and
Academic Sabbatical Officer (SUASO)

Dannii Carr

My role is to ensure that you as students have your say in academic issues. It's imperative that you are involved in decision-making at Writtle University College and that any changes are communicated to you. I represent your views on various Committees and Boards in order to ensure that everyone's voice is heard. “Everyone� includes students at Further Education level right the way through to Higher Education. If you need any help academically - be it learning support, adjusting to a different style of learning or help on how to write essays - I will point you in the right direction.

We also have our Course Representatives who come under my wing and I am here to help them with training and guidance. If you wish to become a Course Rep, or want to know who yours may be, or if there are any specific academic worries you may have, then please don't hesitate to come and find me; I'll often be found within the SU office. We encourage you to talk to us and give us your views so we can represent you and help you as much as possible.

Students' Union Vice President of Involvement

Vice President of Involvement

Elize Zelenka

As your Vice President of Involvement, it is my job to provide guidance and support to encourage the involvement of students at the University College. This includes societies and clubs that are already running and any that you would like to be set up, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have something in mind! I work closely with other members of the Students Union so your best interests are always at heart and any issues will be addressed in the best possible way. We aim at involving all students across campus in a large variety of events, societies and clubs so if you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Students' Union Vice President Welfare

Vice President Welfare

Liam Cowzer

Communicating your best interests to the College, I will ensure your needs will be met and maintained throughout my tenure as Vice President Welfare. I promise to improve Health standards to the student body by increasing mental health information and resources to those who need it, with assistance and more direct links to Learner Services and mental health charities. As well, I want to bring back the clinic to campus and set it up in privacy, away from the busy Student Union office as it had been before. I want to allow STI tests to be carried out by professionals, with advice on how to protect yourself too. Another goal of this clinic would be to advise those regarding reproductive health, and allow for gateways to finding the support as and when it is needed.

Students' Union Sports Officers

Sports Officers

Adam Fall (left) and Adam Yardley

We are your Sports Officers for this academic year at Writtle. Our aim is to promote involvement in sports teams and other sporting events and activities throughout the year. Being keen sports players and fans, we have represented Writtle in a number of sports teams, and understand the different challenges that each team faces during the course of a season. We will work closely with the team captains to help us achieve the high goals we set each year; as Writtle has a proud sporting heritage, achieving great things for a small institution, which we want to use as inspiration for further successes in the forthcoming year.

Students' Union Social Officers

Social Officers

Neill Willemsen (left) and George Walton

We are your Social officers for this year. We are aiming to have a big variety of massive events this year for everyone at the Baa and around campus. This year we are introducing Freshers Fest which will be an unforgettable experience and offers the chance to come and meet new people with events on every day and night over the 9 days! You do not have to drink at any of the events if you don't want to, just come and have fun with your mates and make new ones. We will continue that Freshers Fest standard throughout the year on campus making sure you enjoy your time at Writtle! We will also be working closely with Chelmsford's No.1 nightclub Evoke to bring you some amazing nights out in town! If you have any questions or ideas about clubs, social events or anything else we will be happy to help. Hope to see you all at Freshers Fest!

Students' Union RAG (Raise and Give) Officers

RAG (Raise and Give) Officers

Sian Murray (left) and Lucy Rodger

We are Sian Murray and Lucy Rodger, the new RAG officers; aiming to be confident, approachable and well organised for the 2017/18 university year. We are both third year Equine Behaviour. We are in charge of fundraising through new events for groups of independent and unique charities! The student union this year will involve all students as well as giving special organisations the recognition they deserve! You can usually find us in the Student Union room; let's make 2017/18 an amazing year for charity!

Students' Union Higher Education Officer

Higher Education Officer

Tomasz Walczak

My name is Tomasz Walczak and I am currently studying on Landscape Architecture course (2016-2019). My role as a Higher Education Officer is to provide a strong and trustful connection between the student and SU President. I am an open-minded person who is happy to hear about students' concerns.

Students' Union International Officer

International Officer

Dana Sychugova

My aim is to give support to the students who came to study in Writtle from outside the UK and to make their experience of studying in England better. I want to help people from different countries to integrate into the college life, to know each other's cultures and habits by engaging in different activities organised by myself and other members of SU. My emphasis is art and cultural events, however I am happy to get involved and arrange activities requested by students.

Students' Union Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer

Christina Roccia

My main role as marketing officer is to promote any SU events, clubs and societies that occur at the university. I will be at all SU social events taking photos and will upload them onto the student union's Facebook page. I will happily help publicise any events around the university so feel free to contact me by coming into the SU office.

Students' Union Support Officer

Students' Union Support Officer

Abi Knowles

I am a full-time member of the SU Council and am responsible for ensuring that all of the elected officers fulfil their roles to the best of their ability. I provide support for all aspects of student life - there are not many things that we cannot help with. In the office we have an open door policy and are always able to help with anything, however small it may be.

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