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Students' Union

Students' Union

The Students' Union are here to help each and every student that studies at Writtle University College, to make the most of your time here and hopefully improve your student experience. We are an extremely enthusiastic group of volunteers and part time members of staff, who get involved with everything around college and above all else looking after your interests.

  • There are on average 12 Students' Union committee members, comprising of four executive officers and approximately seven supporting officers.
  • Elections for the new Students' Union members are held in the early part of semester B (approximately March time). The new members take up their roles in September after a period of shadowing the current officers in post.

Meet your Students' Union

Students' Union President

Students' Union President

Emma-Jane Murray

My role as President is the proactively represent students of Writtle University College at FE and HE level. This would involve advocating the great work and the spirit of the SU whilst ensuring everything and anything is resolved if any issues arise. My aim is to create a strong connection between all Writtle students and the university, both academically and socially, through working with the other SU officers. This is done by attending necessary meetings and campaigning for the policies of the SU and university. I am passionate about our university and my focus is to make communication between all areas of the university as seamless as possible.

Students' Union Engagement Officer

Engagement Officer

Dannielle Watkinson

As your Vice President, I'm here to encourage students to get involved in activities and events on campus, help build up the sports community/teams and be an all-around promoter for most things going on in the university and liaise between the SU and university. I'm also here to support the students, so if there are any issues or concerns about sports or events and things you want to bring forward, I'll be here to help.

Students' Union Higher Education Officer

Higher Education Officer

Matthew Long

My role as HE Officer in the Students' Union is to create a stronger voice for higher education students and become their representative within the SU. I hope to raise potential issues surrounding the study of HE courses here at Writtle by attending all the necessary meetings and delivering both positive and negative feedback to students and staff. I work strongly with other members of the SU to promote campaigns regarding higher education learning and organising enhanced learning experiences. Moreover, I am the HE representative attending Academic Board meetings alongside the President to voice your opinions and ensure students are informed on how changes at Writtle University College will affect them.

Students' Union Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer

Ben White

Hi, my name is Ben White and I am your Marketing officer for this academic year. Throughout the year I shall be promoting events via posters around the University and play an active role on social media. In addition to this, I will play a role in organizing sports teams. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Students' Union RAG (Raise and Give) Officers

RAG (Raise and Give) Officers

Kia Newbauld-McFarlane and Chelsea Roberston

Hi, we are Chelsea and Kia, this year we are your RAG officers. This means that we are the ones responsible for representing and raising money for our selected charities. This years chosen charities are Hopefield animal sanctuary and REACT. Hopefield animal sanctuary cares for sick, unwanted and mistreated animals. REACT charity aims to improve the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses.

Throughout the year we are going to be holding various events to raise money for these charities, including the annual Moulshams 11 pub crawl. Although we will be planning on hosting events if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to let us know.

Students' Union Social Officers

Social Officers

Sam Oliver and Varian Maude

Our role is to run and organise the university social events for the year. We are committed to making sure all students enjoy their time socially at Writtle as much as possible. Every Monday night we will be having a themed night at the campus baa as well as working closely with our local nightclub Evoke in nearby Chelmsford. This year we also want to introduce more one-off events to provide more variety for students and keep everyone involved and enjoying the university social life.

Students' Union Support Officer

Students' Union Support Officer

Abi Knowles

I am a full-time member of the SU Council and am responsible for ensuring that all of the elected officers fulfil their roles to the best of their ability. I provide support for all aspects of student life - there are not many things that we cannot help with. In the office we have an open door policy and are always able to help with anything, however small it may be.

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