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Safeguarding & Prevent


Writtle University College (WUC) has a moral and statutory duty to ensure that it promotes safeguarding and the welfare of young people and 'at risk' adults receiving education and training through WUC.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy & Practice Guidance

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

The governing body and all staff are committed to ensuring that the University College:

  • Understands and promotes the principle that everyone who comes in contact with young people and their families has a role to play in safeguarding;
  • Provides a safe environment for young people and adults in which to learn;
  • Identifies young people and adults who are a cause for concern and may benefit from early help, as well as those in immediate danger or at risk of harm;
  • Has appropriate procedures for following up unauthorised absence and for children who go missing from education (including informing the relevant local authority of young people removed from roll who are required to be in education/training);
  • Always acts in the best interests of the young person or adult at risk;
  • Works with other services (as needed) taking appropriate action to see that such young people and adults are kept safe.

Writtle University College will refer concerns that a young person or adult might be at risk of significant harm to the Social Care Team and/or the Police.

Higher education institutions have a duty of care to students, staff and visitors. The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 introduced a new statutory duty in September 2015 for higher education institutions to have "due regard to the need to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism". This means that institutions now have a statutory duty to engage with the government's Prevent agenda.

Universities must balance a wide-ranging set of responsibilities. Universities are open institutions with a legal obligation to promote and facilitate academic freedom and freedom of speech. However, these are qualified rights. Section 31 of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act states, that in meeting the statutory duty, higher education institutions must have particular regard to the duty to ensure freedom of speech and the importance of academic freedom.

Writtle University College coordinates Prevent work under the umbrella of safeguarding and has a Single Point of Contact for Prevent (SPOC). To ensure compliance with the duty, WUC has, and continues to:
- Assess risk of radicalisation in our area/institution;
- Develop and progress an action plan to reduce this risk;
- Train staff to recognise radicalisation and extremism;
- Work in partnership with other agencies;
- Develop referral mechanisms and refer people to Channel;
- Maintain records and reports to show compliance;
- Promote British Values;
- Update relevant policies and procedures (including the IS&T Policy & External Speakers Policy).

The University College has developed good links with external partners and members of the safeguarding team understand when it is appropriate to make a referral to the Channel programme. Channel is a programme which focuses on providing support at an early stage to people who are identified as being vulnerable to be drawn into terrorism.

All students must know that they can get help and have someone to whom they can turn. WUC has a team of trained Safeguarding Officers sitting beneath the Designated Lead ( Janine Rusbridge , Director of HR, 01245 424200 ext 26033) as detailed below:

Name Job Title Specific Safeguarding Role Telephone Contact Email Contact
Claire Cross Safeguarding & Wellbeing Manager Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) & Single Point of Contact for Prevent (SPOC) 01245 424254
07855 906245
Sue Gardner Welfare & Disability Officer Main operational contact (unless an allegation against a member of staff is made) 01245 424200
ext 25720
07766 255829
Paul Hill Special Schools Coordinator   01245 424200
ext 25647
07974 817953
Dr Jenny Thorpe Head of Quality (FE)   01245 424200
ext 25515
Michelle Kelly Learning Support Manager   01245 424200
ext 26056
Tracey Coop Senior Warden Main operational contact for residential students; out of hours on campus issues 01245 424200
ext 25529
07760 789556
Vicki Gentle HR Advisor Main operational contact if the allegation is against a member of staff 01245 424200
ext 25670
Dr Isobel Gowers Head of Learning and Teaching (HE)   01245 424200
ext 25608