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Hall Reps

Students' Union

The Students' Union (SU) support officer and the vice president of welfare officer run the hall rep scheme for Writtle University College. The hall reps are senior higher education students who live on campus, many being members of the SU themselves. The main role of the hall reps is to ensure that the students residing onsite feel included and welcomed on campus.
If you have any problems with in your halls then please feel free to contact your hall rep with the information below, or come and speak to us in the SU office.

Meet your hall representatives

Dent - Jasmin Eames
Gill - Harmony Blythin
Hamilton 1 - Alex Pettitt
Hamilton 2 - Krystal Gunney
Harvey 1 - Mary Rose Winter
Harvey 2 - James Smith
Harvey 3 - Shreenithya Menon
Madison 1 - TBC
Madison 2 - Hamish Porteous
Madison 3 - Juliette Steyl
Strutt Lower - Harry Stokes
Strutt Higher - Emily Collins
Tabor 1 - Joe Cunningham
Tabor 2 - Brooke Ward Ashton
Tabor 3 - Kate Akers
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Students' Union
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SU - studentunion@writtle.ac.uk