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We understand how important it is to have the assurance and confidence that your son or daughter is going to an institution which will provide them with as many opportunities as possible and give them the best possible start in life.

At Writtle we aim to equip our students with all the required knowledge and practical skills they’ll need when they embark on their chosen career.

Are you a parent looking to send your son or daughter to university?

There are many reasons why your son or daughter should consider us as their first choice when applying for university. Our partnership with the University of Essex, our small and specialist portfolio and community campus atmosphere are but a few reasons, but to help you with that decision making process please take a look at our ‘Top 10 reasons’ leaflet which gives you a range of very interesting facts about the College.

Are you a parent looking to send your son or daughter to college?

College life is a big decision for your son or daughter, as well as yourself! There are a number of options available after students finish their GCSE’s and we understand that the choice can be difficult. Here at Writtle we pride ourselves on the quality of our courses, as well as the support and level of interaction that students have with their teachers. Take a look at our ‘Top 10 reasons’ to choose Writtle.

Funding and money issues

A guide to all money matters, including tuition fees, student loans, grants and scholarships, as well as details of financial help available from the government and the college. Click here.



If your son or daughter is hoping to stay on campus whilst they study with us then please have a read through our accommodation pages. This will include information about our halls of residence and private lodgings in the local area. The Student Services/Accommodation office works to make life on campus a happy and safe experience for students. You’ll be pleased to hear that the college wardens are accessible 24 hours a day to students needing advice or assistance.


The local area

Writtle is one of the safest places in the country to be student. The village of Writtle is small and very picturesque, and contains a co-op as well as several pubs and restaurants. Set in the beautiful Essex countryside, our campus offers a very unique student experience. We are located ten minutes away from the city of Chelmsford, which contains shops centres, supermarkets, a leisure centre, cinema, restaurant, bars and clubs.

Writtle students get the best of both worlds as not only is Chelmsford a short bus or drive away, but central London is also just 40 minutes away by train!

For more information on student life click here.

How to Apply

If your son or daughter is looking to make an application to the College, whether that is higher or further education then please visit our admissions page here.

Computers/Study Materials/Wi-Fi

Students are welcome to bring their own personal computers whilst studying at the College, although it is by no means a requirement. On campus we have several computer suites that students have access to, including the on-campus library, which offers all students access to computers and texts all through the week including weekends. The College also has free Wi-Fi throughout the main campus area for students, enabling them to gain internet access outside of the computer suite facilities. This includes the majority of our accommodation facilities allowing students to continue studying in the comfort of their own room.

Come and see us

If your son or daughter is looking to study at a Higher Education level (degree or above) then our Open Days are an excellent way to get the feel of a campus. You will also have the chance to speak to highly qualified academics, support staff and current students. We strongly recommend that students and their parents come and see the campus and meet staff for themselves. Alternatively, if they are looking for a course to study after their GCSE’s then an Information Event is the perfect way to chat directly with our teaching staff and get a real understanding about the course of interest.

Contact Us

For anything else not covered by the above, please feel free to contact us.
Parents Leaflet

Parents Leaflet

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