Research - Writtle University College



Benchmarking - Fresh Produce

Principal investigator: Dr Chris Bishop
Shelf life assessments and comparisons of various fresh products (e.g. apples, strawberries, fine beans, citrus, grapes, carrots, potatoes, stone fruit, bananas, mushrooms and tomatoes ) packed or loose including taste trials (fresh or cooked).

Packaging Trials

Principal investigator: Dr Chris Bishop
Testing of materials and packaging types with particular emphasis to emerging environmental issues. Writtle University College has provided facilities to test a new environmentally friendly impact resistant range of packs and packaging materials. Trials have been undertaken on extending shelf life of various products such as broccoli, bananas and strawberries. Clients have included a wide range of packaging companies

The Airfreighting of Perishables

Principal investigator: Dr Chris Bishop
The temperature profiles of various consignments have been evaluated of perishables (mainly flowers). This work has been carried out with six African countries. An 'Airfreight Transport of Perishable Products' poster has been produced to accompany this research. Work on design of perishable handling facilities in conjunction with airfreight is also been undertaken.

Cold Chain of Perishable Produce

Principal investigators: Dr Chris Bishop
The temperature and damage monitoring of integrated truck/sea/air transport of products and methods of improving cool chain retention and supply chain efficiency including the effects of changes in packaging.

Postharvest Losses

Principal investigator: Dr Chris Bishop
Work has been done with a number of government departments and universities in assessing and reducing postharvest losses.

Vase life of cut flowers and other ornamentals

Principal investigator: Dr Chris Bishop
Vase life assessments for comparison of variety, flower food, postharvest treatment or transport method.

Carbon Footprints

Principal investigators: Simon Jones and Dr Chris Bishop
Full carbon footprints from farm to fork, environmental benchmarking.