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Postgraduate Design

The MA in Creative Practice gives students an intellectually-stimulating and creative environment in which they can further develop their potential as artists, designers or workers in other creative areas including interdisciplinary practices. It also allows them to draw, if needed, on the rich heritage and resources of Writtle University College as a land based institution. It is an ideal preparation for both the world of work and for further academic study or research.

The course will encourage creativity, independence, confidence, high level problem solving and professionalism and is taught by staff who themselves have successful professional practices in a number of creative areas and who therefore are acutely aware of the demands of the contemporary world of work.

All great creative artists seek to enhance their understanding of the world around them, embracing the beauty of cultural difference as a means of enriching their creativity. They are hungry for experience, knowledge and techniques. Here at WUC we actively seek that enrichment through a collaborative ethos and a culturally diverse student body who share their individual creative understanding and knowledge and use this as a basis to develop a mature, confident, individual creative practice.

In an ever changing world the breadth of practices it is possible to engage with and develop on this course, the emphasis on interdisciplinarity and collaboration and the creative, research and problem solving skills which will be developed are the nearest thing to future proofing that exists in this area.