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Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial assistance is available to help students who are finding it difficult to commence, or continue their studies, due to financial hardship. Applications can be made by students who meet residency requirements, have a low household income and/or are facing financial difficulties. Levels of support vary on individual circumstances and each application is individually assessed. Assistance is not an entitlement and is subject to the availability of funds. To apply for support through the Further Education Support Funds (16-19, 19+, Advanced Learning Loan Bursary and Free School Meal entitlement) or the Higher Education Hardship Fund, you will need to complete and submit an application form (which are available in hard copy from Student Finance office or by using the hyperlinks below) to Student Finance, along with evidence of income or any benefits received and an academic staff recommendation.

Vulnerable 16-19 year olds* studying / continuing in full time education are entitled to a £1,200 bursary funding per academic year. If you think you may be eligible for this funding, please contact Student Finance Department.

* Vulnerable 16-19 year olds includes learners:

  • Aged 16-17 and 'In Care';
  • Aged 16-18 and Leaving the Care system;
  • Aged 16-18 and in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit;
  • Aged 16-18 and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

For all FE support funding, including the Vulnerable Student Bursary and Free Meals - please print and complete the Form (guidance notes are included) below, or collect a paper copy from Student Finance office - L09:

For the HE Hardship Fund,please download the application form and guidance notes below or collect a paper copy from Student Finance office - L09:

The Care to Learn scheme is available if you are aged under 20 years at the start of your FE course, to help pay for your childcare costs while you are learning. You can get:

  • £160 per child per week if you live outside London
  • £175 per child per week if you live in London

The childcare provider must be OFSTED registered.

For further details please telephone:
0800 121 8989 OR

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