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Admissions and Applications


Writtle College Admissions Policy Statement for Higher Education

Admissions Policy - cycle 2016/17 for entry 2017
Admissions Policy - cycle 2015/16 for entry 2016
Admissions Policy - cycle 2014/15 for entry 2015

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL/APEL)

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL/APEL) - Guidance Notes
Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL/APEL) - Application Form

Writtle College Access Agreement

Access Agreement 2016-17
Access Agreement 2015-16
Access Agreement 2014-15
Access Agreement 2013-14

Writtle College Higher Education Student Agreement, Terms and Conditions

Writtle College - Higher Education Student Agreement, Terms and Conditions 2016-17

Please read carefully. This document explains the standard Terms and Conditions for undergraduate students registering with Writtle College. These terms and conditions relating to your offer of a place on a course of study at Writtle College is an agreement between the College and its students as to the rights, roles and responsibilities of both parties. Please contact the College if you are unable to access any of the links to documents or if there is anything in them that you are unsure about and want to discuss further before you register as a student.


The College operates a centralised Admission Office ensuring a common and transparent approach. Admissions staff make standard offers based on agreed and confirmed course entry criteria and work closely with subject specialist admissions officers to ensure that all offers are fair and concise. The central Admissions Office is responsible for all communications with UCAS, including the transmissions of admissions decisions. The admission procedure for undergraduate students is undertaken in accordance with published codes of practice, including the SPA Good Practice for Admissions Policies and the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) regulations and complies with current legislation affecting the admissions of students.

The College is fully committed and supportive of equal access and inclusion and aims to avoid unfair discrimination on any grounds. The College is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity and aims to provide a learning and social environment that is free from unfair discrimination. We believe that a student body which is diverse in terms of background and experience contributes to a stimulating learning environment.

Our Admissions Policy ensures fair and equitable treatment of all applicants and is committed to providing a flexible, high quality teaching and learning environment, focused on supporting students in achieving their full potential.

The process of engaging with applications early in the admissions cycle builds a strong sense of ‘belonging’ from the outset. As part of our continuous engagement with applicants and to support the transition into Higher Education, academic admissions tutors together with key admissions and support staff, provide essential pre-entry information, advice and guidance.

Changes to the content of courses including withdrawal, approval or other significant changes to the content will be communicated to the applicant without delay. Occasionally it may be necessary to change components of the course and or facilities. In these rare cases the College will notify the applicant. The College will undertake to make every reasonable effort to provide the teaching and academic facilities necessary for the course of study.

Visit the College

For Undergraduate students who wish to visit the College prior to applying we hold a number of HE Open Days consisting of a tour of the College and subject specialist talks. Please use 'Register on Open Day' to receive further information. 

We also hold regular informal Information Events for Post-GCSE Students.