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Agricultural Apprenticeships at Writtle University College

Approximately 6% of UK businesses are within the Agriculture industry and a diverse variety of careers are available. An Apprenticeship can be a great way to enter the industry, develop your skills and gain relevant qualifications. Three different pathways are available: Livestock, Crop and Mixed Farming and then the units in the qualification can be further tailored to suit your job role. Skills, experience and qualifications can all make you stand out to potential employers as you progress your career. So why not consider the best of both worlds with an Apprenticeship in Agriculture?

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. As an employee you can earn as you learn, gaining practical skills from the workplace, with support and training from Writtle University College. The Apprenticeship Framework is designed to allow you to develop skills that are needed in the agricultural industry by combining knowledge and vocational competency elements, with transferable skills such as English, Maths and employment rights and responsibilities.

What's involved with the Agriculture Apprenticeship?

Agricultural Apprenticeships have been designed to provide you with the expertise you need and the flexible mix of units allows you to customise your learning to suit your specialism and employment. There are three different pathways: Livestock, Crop and Mixed Farming. The Apprenticeship can be studied at level 2 or Intermediate or as an Advanced Apprenticeship at level 3, to suit your experience and career.

The course combines developing your under-pinning knowledge in Agriculture by attending College for one day a week, with building your practical experience by being employed in the industry. Over the duration of the course you will build up a portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and practical skills. Our e-portfolio system allows you to evidence your skills and knowledge through photos and video, as well as written work.

The Apprenticeship program normally has intakes in October, February and May. On average our level 2 Apprenticeships take around 13-18 months and the level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships around 20-24 months; however the time scale of an Apprenticeship is flexible and will depend on the Apprentices prior experience.